Pecolift - 3.5m / 12 FT  Push Around Personnel Lift

Pecolift - 3.5m / 12 FT Push Around Personnel Lift

Manufacturer: Pecolift

Code: Z00120


Meet the ultimate in eco manual access platforms, the Power Tower Pecolift. The Pecolift push-around lift is a pioneering and versatile platform that provides safe and sturdy access to working heights of 3.5 metres.  The JLG Pecolift combines technology with intuitive design to provide a unique non-powered access solution.
Ideal for working in emission-free zones, low-noise areas and food handling sites, the JLG Pecolift provides a safe alternative to ladders. With a safe working load of 150kg and a platform size of 0.72m x 0.60m, this push-around lift provides ample space for tools and equipment.  Its reduced 0.75m width and low 180kg weight mean that it is not only manoeuvrable, but is also suitable for working on weight-sensitive surfaces, such as Mezzanine floors.

The PECOLIFT is the perfect choice for job sites that need a safe, low-noise and low-emission solution. With no fuel expenses, no emissions and no downtime for charging, the Power Tower Pecolift is a great asset to facilities management teams and industrial production plants, where 24 hr machine operation is a requisite. 
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