Personnel Lift Hire

At Drogheda Hire, we provide high-quality low-level access hire at an affordable price. If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective low level access platform, why not consider personnel lift hire with our Pecolift and Ecolift? These manually-operated Power Towers by JLG offer an incredibly practical zero-emission access solution; suitable for use indoors, in low-emission zones, in food handling areas and in a wide variety of settings.
These push-around lifts offer maximum working heights of 3.5 m (Pecolift)and 4.2 m (Ecolift) and are an energy-efficient and safe alternative to ladders, podiums and scaffolding. For more information, feel free to get in touch with our team today on 041 9841419, or browse our range below: 

Benefits of manual personnel lift hire

Drogheda Hire’s low-level access platforms provide a number of great benefits, including:

- Low noise: With no running motors or batteries, our manually operated personnel lifts can be used in noise-sensitive environments.
- Zero emissions: No particle emissions means that these machines can be used in food handling areas, hospitals and Clean Air Zones.
- Zero leaks: With no batteries and no hydraulics, there is no risk of leaks, suiting these machines for use in manufacturing facilities and data centres.
- Compact chassis: These compact and lightweight machines can be easily moved around site by a single operator and fit easily down hallways, through standard doorways and in lifts.

Are you interested in personnel lift hire for your business? Get in touch with Drogheda Hire today on 041 9841419 or contact us here. Alternatively, visit your nearest depot at Long Mile Road in Dublin or Cement Road in Drogheda. We look forward to hearing from you.