Duel Power Screed Hire 10ft - 24ft

This Duel Power Screed 10ft - 24ft for hire at Drogheda Hire is perfect for flat pours, can be used for wet screeding or form-to-form. Vibration adjustment to optimize concrete consolidation; convenient power trowel style throttle lever (does not require constant pressure).


Also perfect for pervious concrete and two men can easily screed steep angled pours. Quiet electric motor, great for indoor or outdoor use. Up to 24 ft screed with less screed deflection on long form-to-form pours and removable end caps to easily switch tubing. Forward, reverse and power trigger integrated in handle.


This vibratory power screed features an adjustable handle to easily fit the operator. In addition, the Shockwave has a wide V-shaped handle bar that provides extra leverage for better balance and easy lifting. This design helps the operator float the screed on top of the concrete, making it ideal for wet screeding. Vibration is evenly distributed across the entire blade surface, providing better consolidation of the concrete.

Duel Power Screed Hire 10ft - 24ft

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