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Hire Air Conditioning Units, Heaters, Extractor Fans & Dehumidifiers

Our Drying, Cooling & Space Heater Hire range

Are you looking for heating, drying or cooling equipment in Drogheda, Dublin or the surrounding areas? We have an extensive range of options available to meet your needs.

Space Heater Hire

We have a great range of heaters, available for hire. Both safe and portable, our space heaters are powered by oil, gas and mains electricity, or diesel - ensuring our customers have the convenience of choice. 

Our popular oil space heater hire option is highly efficient and provides large quantities of clean, fume-free hot air. They are ideal for use in shops, event tents, food preparation areas and exhibition halls. 

Hire Air Conditioning Units 

Our efficient portable air conditioner unit will reduce the temperature of home or office spaces. 

Practical features include a 24 hour programmable timer with alarm, as well as automatic stop setting to avoid the water tank overflowing. Ideal for cooling and drying the atmosphere.

Extractor Fan & Dehumidifier Hire

Our handy portable dehumidifiers provide the perfect solution to remove dampness or moisture from walls, plaster, screed or timber work. 

Our extractor fan can cool and ventilate while extracting fumes, dust and general unwanted smells. Heavy duty flexible ducting ensures that the fan can be used over a long distance for convenience

The choice to hire

We are pleased to offer air conditioner, dehumidifier and space heater hire, always at the competitive prices you expect from us.  

Whatever your requirements - from drying or heating to cooling - we are bound to have the right equipment for you.

Heating, cooling and drying equipment for hire

Check out our range below - if you would like any assistance or advice, please contact our team of friendly experts on 041 9841419.

Choose us for air con or space heater hire

Whether you want to hire air conditioning units, heaters or dehumidifiers, we have a range of high-quality solutions to meet the demands of your project. As well as a flexible hire service. 

We have heating, cooling and drying equipment suited to both domestic and commercial customers. If you have any questions then please call us on 041 9841419 or contact us here. 

Alternatively, please visit your nearest depot and showroom at Long Mile Road in Dublin or Cement Road in Drogheda. We look forward to hearing from you.