fuel bowser hire

When resilient, safe, versatile use fuel browser is required; our fuel bowser hire at Drogheda Hire is more than just any equipment. 


This model is secure, robust and just as easy to use as any other fuel bowser.  Its manufacture is done with the use of fully bonded or ‘a tank inside a tank’ kind of construction. The model’s bunded area of fuel bowser does nothing but comply keenly with all the recent regulations, with the environment agencies pollution prevention guidelines included.


This makes it fully compliant with the requirements associated with the storage of fuel, and that is as it concerns that vast majority of building construction sites,  mines and so on that requires extra storage of fuel to fill tanks of machines on site.


This fuel bowser hire suitable for site jobs is designed using steel development and sits on a solid, steel framework for rough site and heavy duty utilize. It accompanies a ring eye tow hitch, floatation tires in addition to tank lifting carries for full mobility.


There is a completely lockable bowser bureau at the back lodging all drawing hardware in addition to the gauge on tank and fuel dispenser for easy and safe use with plant hire equipment.

Fuel Bowser Hire

  • Length 10 ft
    Width 5.8 ft in
    Height 5.4 ft in
    Empty Weight 765 kg
    Full Weight 1635 kg
    Nominal Capacity 1000 Litres