mini digger hire 6 ton

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This machine is an aggregation of all the hallmarks of Takeuchi excavator’s proven characteristics. The usual suspects being smooth hydraulics, powerful machine performance and good serviceability.


The 6-Ton Mini Digger Hire is basically a 6 tonne (5600kg) category of excavator that has all the perks that come with being fitted with the new TB260. Try not to dismiss it as just another expanded 5 tonne TB250, or perhaps a reduced down 8.5 tonne TB285.


The all-new TB260 is actually the first ever 6 ton excavator from the stables of Takeuchi, making for an excellent addition to this most sought after weight class.


As part of Takeuchi’s newly-found drive to develop powerful earthmovers, this 6 Ton Mini Digger Hire is designed to deliver environmental efficiency, operator comfort, safety and improved machine ergonomics.


Rest assured of plenty of power from its 48 horsepower engine and greater torque and digging force.  Machine efficiency is also a given with the high performance hydraulic system which makes for greater oil flow for faster cycle times.

6 Ton Mini Digger Hire

  • Engine


    Horsepower @ 2,400 Rpm


    Operating Performance


    Operating Weight - Cab

    (5,735 kg)

    Maximum Bucket Breakout Force

    (5,786 kg)

    Maximum Arm Digging Force

    (2,610 kg)



    Travel Speed - Low Range

    (2.8 km / hr)

    Travel Speed - High Range

    (4.9 km / hr)

    Machine Dimensions



    18.2 ft in


    8.5 ft in

    Ground Clearance

    13.1 ft in

    Undercarriage Length

    8.5 ft in

    Track Width (Rubber)

    15.7 ft in

    Undercarriage Width

    6.6 ft in



    Maximum Reach

    20.6 ft in

    Maximum Digging Depth

    12.9 ft in 

    Maximum Vertical Digging Depth

    9.9 ft in

    Maximum Dig Height

    19.5 ft in

    Maximum Dumping Height

    13.10 ft in

    Front Swing Radius With Boom Offset

    6.5 ft in

    Tail Swing (Slew) Radius

    4.3 ft in