3\4 mini digger hire

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Mini diggers come in handy when you have to deal with limited space.  So if you are looking for an excellent digger that can find them hard to reach areas, then the 3/4 Ton Micro Digger Hire at Drogheda Hire makes for an excellent choice.


The K008-3 Micro digger is unrivalled in its efficiency at handling precise digging jobs in tight crevices and corners.  It comes with an astonishing digging depth of over 5.5 feet with a reach of 10 feet along the edges.


When it comes down to the perfect tool for that garden job, or some foundation digging in narrow spaces, look no further as the 3/4 Ton Micro Digger Hire checks all the boxes.


The mini digger is easy to move around dig sites as it is fitted with a compact micro excavator design.  You are going to want this excellent earth mover on your construction artillery as its versatility makes it suitable for handling a range of tasks.  Boasting an engine horsepower of 10.2 horsepower and amazing fuel economy, there isn’t a better low cost mini digger hire available.


Mini Digger Hire & Digger Hire ranging from 3/4 ton - 22 ton.  We Cover Louth, Meath, Dublin and all throughout Ireland with low cost plant hire.

3/4 Ton Micro Digger Hire

  • Engine


    Net Power

    10.2 hp

    Power Measured @

    2050 rpm



    Operating Weight

    997 kg

    Fuel Capacity

    3.2 gal

    Swing Mechanism


    Swing Speed

    8.3 rpm



    Max Digging Depth

    5.6 ft in

    Max Reach Along Ground

    9.9 ft in

    Max Cutting Height

    9.4 ft in

    Max Loading Height

    6.7 ft in

    Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth

    4.5 ft in



    Width to Outside of Tracks

    2.3 ft in

    Height to Top of Cab

    2.9 ft in

    Ground Clearance

    0.49 ft in

    Tail Swing Radius

    2.5 ft in