18 meter teleporter hire

Our 18 meter teleporter hire is the MT 1840 it can lift heavy material that needs to be transported to high level of up to 18m.  Its compatible design also makes it very easy to maneuver and increases it flexibility and usage.


Furthermore great sidelong and front solidness make it a dependable on location accomplice. Vigorous and configuration to last, this 18 meter teleporter hire is designed with quality steel materials to guarantee life span. For simple transportability, various throwing focuses have been given. By changing the attachments is can be adjusted to address majority of your heavy duty tasks.


Flexibility is excellent for such a compact telescopic handler; there’s a large roof screen and optional front and rear work lights. Control switches are ergonomically laid-out and backlit for easy recognition and good perceptibility.


Excellent teleporter hire ranging from 4 meter to 18 meter.  We Cover Louth, Meath, Dublin and all throughout Ireland with low cost plant hire.

18 Meter Teleporter Hire

  • Engine


    Gross Power

    99.9 hp

    Max Torque

    304.6 lb ft



    Operating Weight

    11,380 kg

    Fuel Capacity

    37 gal

    Max Speed - forward

    15.5 mph



    Max Lift Capacity

    4,000 kg

    Max Lift Height

    57.4 ft in

    Max Load at Max Height

    2,500 kg

    Max Forward Reach

    43.2 ft in

    Max Load at Max Reach

    700 kg



    Length to Fork Face

    20.6 ft in

    Width Over Tires

    7.8 ft in

    Overall Height

    8.8 ft in


    10.1 ft in

    Ground Clearance

    16.5 ft in

    Turning Radius Outside Tires

    13.1 ft in