Lawn Edger Hire

For professional lawn edger hire services in Drogheda, Dublin and surrounding areas, get in touch with Drogheda Hire and Sales today. We provide commercial and residential tool and equipment hire for projects of all sizes. Our petrol lawn edgers provide the perfect solution for achieving and maintaining crisp and pristine lawns for sporting grounds, outdoor venues, hotel gardens and a great number of outdoor areas. Take a look at our lawn edgers below:

The benefits of lawn edger hire 

A lawn edger is a garden tool used to create a neat and defined separation between a lawn and other areas, such as flower beds, sidewalks or driveways. It features a rotating blade or a string trimmer attachment that cuts through grass or overgrown vegetation along the edges of the lawn, giving it a clean and well-maintained appearance. The edger's purpose is to establish distinct boundaries, prevent grass from encroaching onto walkways and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the lawn by providing a crisp and tidy edge.

At Drogheda Hire and Sales, we provide professional lawn edger hire services, as well as gardening and landscaping equipment hire and sales. If you have any questions about our lawn edger hire services or would like to explore the available options further, please feel free to call our Drogheda Depot on 041 9841419 or our Dublin Depot on 01 9108757 for further information.