Impeccable Collection of Boc Gas Products in One Place

Exactly what you’ve been looking for - a high quality range of Boc gas cylinders, gas complements, plus welding and fuel grade gas collection in one place just a click away. Bottom line, you won’t find gases and gas cylinders that have not passed local and international certification standards here.

What should you expect instead?

- Every home and wielders go-to store in North East of Ireland for the best Boc gas products.

- Gas cylinders - eye-catching and highly functional designs.

- Long lasting, environmentally friendly gas options.

- Strict adherence to health and safety regulations.

- Special parking lot markings.

- 100% satisfaction guaranteed always.

- Discounts and affordable prices.


Pureshield Argon Cylinder, Industrial Grade, Compressed Gas

- The quintessential welding gas with 99.998% purity, the BOC Pureshield Argon is has a remarkable inert gas with low ionising potential allows you to effortlessly form a welding arc without negatively reacting with metal components being welded.

- shielding gas as it forms a good shield due to its high density and total inertness.

- When working with thicker materials other gases can be combined with Pureshield Argon to produce a more fluid welding pool.

- Colourless, tasteless and odourless

- Inert to all materials at all temperatures and pressures

- Heavier than air, argon will collect in low-lying areas, ducts and drains

Propane Cylinder

- Enjoy a fuel gas that produces lower levels of air pollutants and carbon dioxide when it burns yet known for its very high calorific value.

- Whether you want to use it for heating and drying, or shrink wrapping, soldering, heat treatment or cooking for off grid customers, this gas is all you need.

- Efficient, clean fuel

- Cylinders available in various sizes to meet your needs

- Cold weather? No problem, it will work

- A reliable option for off grid requirements

- Supply Mode: Cylinders

- Gas Type: Fuel gas

- Gas Composition: Propane

Argoshield Heavy Cylinder

- This is a unique mix of shielding gases for a fast, cost efficient and outstanding welding experience.

- Can wield thick steel greater than 10 millimetres.

- Ideal for large numbers of multi-pass welds.

- Fast and cost efficient.

- Argoshield Heavy is the best option for heavy constructions like shipbuilding and repair, boiler manufacturing and heavy duty vehicles.

- Specially formulated with extra carbon dioxide for deep penetrating and deep wields.

- Supply Mode: Cylinders

- Welding Type: Shielding

- Gas Composition: 78% Argon, 20% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen for maximum efficiency.

Dissolved Acetylene Cylinder

- Take advantage of the hottest fuel gas for efficiency. BOC Acetylene will offer you a low ignition energy, localised flame and reduction in wasted heat.

- Improved cut quality

- Improved safety- left-hand cylinder valve for additional safety benefits.

- Special cylinder to improve longevity.

- The only fuel gas hot enough to weld steel.

- Time and cost efficient.

- Varied cylinder sizes

Oxygen Cylinder, Industrial Grade, Compressed Gas

- The collections of Oxygen cylinder come in various sizes designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industries.

- Supplied with a purity of 99.5% rating, BOC industrial grade Oxygen vigorously supports the combustion of many materials such as copper, brass, stainless steel.

- Colourless and odourless

- Supply Mode: Cylinders

- Welding Type: Oxidant

- Gas Composition: Oxygen

- Gas Type: Welding gas

- Support: Multiple cylinder sizes available

- Purity: 99.5%


Nitrogen (Oxygen Free) 230bar Cylinder

- A non-corrosive, inert gas that is you can use with a range of metals.

- Odourless, colourless, and non-toxic

- Non-reactive except at very high temperatures

- Inert, dry and slightly soluble

- Supply Mode: Cylinders

- Welding Type: Inert

- Process: Inerting, Purging & Blanketing

- Gas Type: Purging gas

- Gas Composition: Nitrogen