VMS Signs Hire

Drogheda Hire offers VMS Signs for hire, this VMS Signs is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information about special events.


They warn of traffic congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on a specific highway segment. This can also be used to warn vehicles to take alternative routes, limit travel speed, warn of duration and location of the incidents or just inform of the traffic conditions.


Promotional messages about services provided by a road authority during non-critical hours, such as carpooling efforts, travelers' information stations and 5-1-1 lines; Crashes, including vehicle spin-out or rollover; Road Works; Incidents affecting normal traffic flow in a lane or on shoulders; Non-recurring congestion, often a residual effect of cleared crash; Closures of an entire road, e.g. over a mountain pass in winter. Exit ramp closures; Debris on roadway; Vehicle fires; Wildfires; Short-term maintenance or construction lasting less than three days; Pavement failure alerts; Variable speed limits; Car park occupancy levels; speed sign, for recommending a speed to approach the next traffic light in its green phase.


VMS can improve motorists' route selection, reduce travel time, mitigate the severity and duration of incidents and improve the performance of the transportation network.

VMS Signs Hire

  • Offering quality, affordability and durability, the fixed-leg pedestrian barriers offered by SafeSite Facilities are ideal for controlling foot traffic and ensuring safety during events. These pedestrian barriers are 2.3 m in length and feature an innovative interlocking design, allowing you to create a strong and continuous barrier that cannot be broken or breached easily. Coupled with the Smartweld construction technology, our 2.3 m pedestrian barriers are the strongest in the market.

    To offer you more flexibility, the interlocking design offers a 90-degree rotate function that allows you to lock these barriers even at corners. The fixed legs of these barriers add to their stability, preventing them from tripping. Depending on your requirements, you can hire or purchase the 2.3 m pedestrian barriers from SafeSite Facilities. Our pedestrian barriers are completely galvanised, ensuring their ability to resist rust. If you choose to purchase them, we can powder coat them with the RAL colour of your choice. That way, they can make them match a specific theme.

    Our pedestrian barriers are extremely easy to install and transport. We can also personally deliver and install these barriers at your requested time and regardless of where you are in the UK. Once your event is completed, our efficient team will also dismantle and collect these barriers on their own. If you want pedestrian barriers for a construction site or an event, simply fill out the form and we will call you back at the earliest.

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