Hilti Nail Gun Hire Drogheda Hire

In a hurried world we live in today, time is always money. Who needs a hammer nowadays when one can rely on the help of Nail Gun.


At Drogheda Hire our Hilti DX 460-F8 Nail Gun Hire is the best nail gun for fastening materials from drywall track to 2x4s, as well as suspended ceiling applications, into concrete and steel, fastening wood to concrete, sand-lime block or steel, attaching drainage foils and membranes to concrete or CMU block and Installing wall or brick ties and so on.


Excellent power-to-weight ratio for fastening a wide variety of materials to concrete and steel, power regulation, fully automatic, low noise level. Whether you need it for handling woodworking, fencing, decking, cladding, framing, sidewall sheathing, crown molding or chair rail, you can be sure this Nail Gun hire from Drogheda Hire can get it done.

Nail Gun Hire

  • Weight

    3.2 kg


    Power (max.)


    325 J


    Fastener types


    Single fasteners with 8 mm plastic washer


    Operating temperature range


    -15 - 50 °C


    Contact pressure - min


    174 N


    Temperature resistance

    50 °C




    Base materials

    Concrete , Steel

    Piston type




    Fastener length range


    Single baseplate


    Temperature resistance temperature

    - min.

    -15 °C


    Max. fastener driving rate


    700 / h