Jig Saw Hire

This Jig Saw Hire is a reliable partner for daily use, the Bosch GST 90 BE professional available at Drogheda Hire with bow handle jigsaw comes top for convenience. Blade changes are fast and easy with the Bosch SDS tool-less system. With secure blade clamping, an ergonomically designed handle and highly smooth performance, operation is comfortable and precise.


Powered by a strong 650 W motor, this corded saw delivers a rapid work rate and will cut wood, aluminum and unalloyed steel. A four-stage pendulum action ensures tear-free cuts and, together with electronic control, allows adaptation to a variety of materials for accurate, high-quality results.


Robust and stable in construction, this Jigsaw at Drogheda Hire features a bend-resistant steel base plate. Depending on circumstances, users can choose between dust blowing to clear the view for a clear view of the work surface. You get unique productive results with jig saw.

Jig Saw Hire

  • Cutting depth


    Cutting depth in wood

    90 mm

    Cutting depth in aluminium

    20 mm

    Cutting depth in non-alloyed steel

    10 mm

    Sawing wood


    Vibration emission value ah

    6 m/s²

    Uncertainty K

    1.5 m/s²



    Rated power input

    650 W

    Stroke rate at no load

    500 - 3100 spm


    2.6 kg

    Cable length

    2.5 m

    Stroke height

    26 mm