Drum Floor Sander Hire

In the industry, the perfect choice floor sander is non-other than our heavy duty HT8 Drum Floor Sander for Hire at Drogheda Hire. This floor sander is easy to use, services and the drum rubber is very easy to replace saving cost and time, thereby increasing productivity.


The drum rubber does get damage easily compared to other drum floor sander. This Drum Floor Sander hire will is suitable for large varieties of wooden floors such as parquet to a fine score free finish.


The HT8 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including some types of decking, fibre board, cork, engineered and composition floors.


Abrasives can be fitted quickly and accurately with ease due to the patented reversible clamp bar from Hiretech. The cinch bar is highly durable won't twist or mutilate making sure that the abrasive paper is perfectly installed.


The HT8's exceptional lifting pin get together lifts the clip bar clear of the drum when fitting or expelling abrasives. Totally independent with a high proficiency tidy pickup, the HT8 can be disassembled into three basic parts for easy mobilization of the drum floor sander. The perfect drum floor sander for that perfect floor sanding.

Drum Floor Sander Hire

    1. No volt safety switch prevents accidental start-up.
    2. Choice of single speed or multi-speed switch.
    3. Powerful 4 pole (brush) motor geared 3:1, up to 4.5hp at the drum.
    4. Dynamical balanced sanding drum.
    5. Expandable drum technology.
    6. High impact resistant ABS guards.
    7. High powered vacuum system.
    8. Disposable paper or cloth dust bags.