Extendable Podium Ladder Hire

Drogheda Hire offers Extendable Podium Ladder for hire, this extendable podium ladders are a made of aluminum and are high quality performance on site.


This Extendable Podium Ladder is intended for exclusive task and can be rapidly and basically acclimated to different statures and is fitted with an extensive stage with a toe board for comfort and security.


They are additionally fitted with a wellbeing protect handrail on all sides, 360 degrees. These platform stepping stools are fitted with elastic haggles effectively flexibility. These extendable platform stepping stools are tallness movable rung by rung, as these are customizable they are reasonable for use on stairs.


These platform stepping stools are protected, steady and appropriate for all site work and heavy duty work. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to transport.

Extendable Podium Ladder Hire

  • Steps:     Closed          Opened         Weight:

                     Height:          Height:  

    4-6           1.10m            1.62m            23kgs

    5-8           1.36m            2.14m            26kgs

    6-9           1.64m            2.36m            31kgs

    7-11         1.88m            2.95m            34kgs