Airless Paint Sprayer Hire

With this Airless Paint Sprayers from Drogheda Hire there is no mixture of pressurized air & paint, you will be spraying just paints.


This will make your current or next project a fast work, as it saves more time compared to other paint sprayer. Our Airless Paint Sprayer comes with a maximum tip size of 0.025, Max Hose Length of 90 Metres; Flow Per Minute of 2.9 Litres; Motor Size of 1300W; Max Pressure: 207 Bar / 3000psi; and Weight: 35kg. Can be successful used for Masonry Paint; Emulsion & Gloss; Two-pack Coatings; Oil & Water Based Paints; Acrylics / Enamels / Laquers / Stains.


This Airless paint spray systems use hydraulic pressure through a specially designed spray tip to create the fan pattern. Because of the absence of high velocity air atomizing the paint, there is generally less bounce-back and overspray.


The physical properties of a coating remain intact allowing you to achieve more uniform mil-build and coverage by lower viscosity. Our Airless Paint spraying for hire offers acceptable transfer efficiency, minimal material waste, top finish quality, good one-pass coverage, and cost effectiveness.

Airless Paint Sprayer Hire

  • Maximum Tip Size: 0.025"

    Max Hose Length: 90 Metres

    Flow Per Minute: 2.9 Litres

    Motor Size: 1300W

    Max Pressure: 207 Bar / 3000psi

    Weight: 35kg

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