9 ton digger hire

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If you’re looking to maximize efficiency and productivity with our plant hire, then the TB290 has just the right features that are sure to entice you.


The 9 Ton digger hire has all the specifications of a machine that is built to be sturdy and handle all your digging work with minimal fuss. With such fittings as a closed centre and a load-sensing hydraulic system, it provides the machine with outstanding multi-function capabilities and multiple attachments presets, including the ability to adjust auxiliary flow rates from the cab.


All these serve to expand the machine’s versatility. The digger hire also comes with an engine hood and side-cover that open high overhead for unrestricted access to ground level serviceability.  This greatly enhances service and maintenance access. The TB920 is designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind, boasting a spacious and well-appointed cabin. You are also afforded the luxury of keeping tabs on critical machine functions via a large color monitor.


And what’s more, the auxiliary flow rates can be adjusted from the operator’s seat while the deluxe high back suspension seat can be adjusted for and automatic climate control system keeps the operator comfortable no matter the time of the year.


The digger has its key hydraulic components like the main control valve, hydraulic tank, sight gauge and selector valve fitted outboard, making for easier inspection and maintenance which can be done from the rear of the engine.


9 Ton Digger Hire

  • Engine


    Horsepower @ 2,400 Rpm

    (69.2 hp)

    Operating Performance


    Operating Weight - Cab

    (8,450 kg)

    Maximum Bucket Breakout Force

    (7,514 kg)

    Maximum Arm Digging Force

    (3,702 kg)



    Travel Speed - Low Range

    1.6 mph

    Travel Speed - High Range

    3.1 mph

    Machine Dimensions



    21.10 ft in


    8.5 ft in

    Ground Clearance

    1.3 ft in

    Undercarriage Length

    9.4 ft in

    Track Width (Rubber)

    1.4 ft in

    Undercarriage Width

    7.3 ft in



    Maximum Reach

    24.5 ft in

    Maximum Digging Depth

    15 ft

    Maximum Vertical Digging Depth

    12.6 ft

    Maximum Dig Height

    23.11 ft in

    Maximum Dumping Height

    17.3 ft in

    Front Swing Radius With Boom Offset

    6.8 ft in

    Tail Swing (Slew) Radius

    5.5 ft in