3.3 ton mini digger hire

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If you’re looking to get your hands on the perfect machine for such undertakings as earthmoving, utilities or general and road construction projects, then your search is over.


The ZX33U-5 mini digger is just what you need.  And it also comes as a plus that it does an excellent job of carrying out its tasks in confined spaces due to its short-tail swing radius. 


Built by the Hitachi development team, this 3.3 Ton mini digger hire makes for an exceptionally versatile, comfortable and maintenance-friendly tool that is ideal for fast, powerful and fuel-efficient performance on any job function.  Its engine is rated at a staggering 28.4 horsepower, with a speed of around 2.8-4.3 kilometres per hour.


Feel free to fit the ZX33U-5 with a variety of attachments as it fosters its versatility for a number of applications.  The low-noise muffler fitted to the rear of the cab is very effective at cutting down on the decibels, allowing for a quiet operation. You would want to consider this one for your urban and residential projects.


Also part of the 3.3-Ton Mini Digger’s specification is an auto-shift travelling system, which is designed to tweak the speed of the excavator with the travel load in mind.  It will certainly come in handy for those times when the machine is working its way up a slope or when the blade is on some landscaping duty.

3.3 Ton Mini Digger Hire

  • Engine


    Engine Rated Power

    28.4 HP



    Operating weight (kg)

    3,320 – 3,720 kg






    5 ft

    Tailswing Radius

    2.8 ft in

    Ground Clearance

    1 ft

    Track Length

    6.9 ft in

    Track Pad Width

    1 ft





    Bucket Capacity


    Bucket Width

    1.6 ft in

    Dig Depth

    10.2 ft in

    Reach at Ground Level

    16.5 ft in

    Vertical Wall Max Depth

    8.3 ft in

    Dump Height

    10.8 ft in