Electric Power Washer Hire (2000 PSI)

This 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Hire available for Hire at Drogheda Hire is a powerful and reliable petrol power washer with a single phase 2.2kw/ 3hp pump.


This weight washer conveys a stream rate of 11ltr/2.5 gal/min and extreme working weight of 2000 psi, which can pump water from a barrel up to 2 meters.  This 2000 PSI  Electric Pressure Washer Hire Perfect for heavy duty and industrial cleaning where water isn't accessible.  Also can be used for light-duty projects, such as patio furniture, screens, lawn care equipment and vehicles.


Great choice for cleaning where a gas-powered machine isn't practical, with perfect for cleaning the exterior of your home, vehicles and garden equipment.

Electric Power Washer Hire (2000 PSI)

  • Single phase

    2.2kw/ 3hp

    Pump type

    Hawk 240 A


    140bar/2000 psi

    Flow Rate

    11ltr/2.5 gal/min