How Choosing the Right Plant Hire Company can transform your Business In 2022

Emerging from the Covid-led lockdowns, the economy is booming and plant and tool hire services are increasingly in demand.  2021 saw the rescheduling of some construction projects that were postponed. At the same time, numerous projects have arisen from a need to adapt businesses to the changes in consumer behaviour and the changing demands of home workers. 

The article of July 27th 2021 “Showing Resilience,”* published in Cranes Today gives a more detailed account of some of the factors currently influencing trends in the construction industry.

Although an increase in demand is clearly good for business, it is also placing an important strain on some industry sectors, with access and plant hire services in some parts of the industry suffering machine shortages. 

What are the biggest challenges for plant hire over the coming year?

Plant and tool hire companies all over Europe are facing some common challenges, and companies providing plant hire in Ireland are no exception.

In order to plan your project needs, you’ll need to take into consideration some of the main problems faced by the industry and how they are affecting the end consumer:

  1. Backlog of work and orders: 

Lockdown and social instability encouraged companies to put their construction projects on the backburner.

Some companies considered that constant changes in worker availability and restrictions added an extra tier of logistical difficulty and risk to their projects. After the easing of restrictions, many companies began to tackle the non-essential projects that had been put off during the lockdowns.

  1. Some projects that were held up due to supply chain shortages are now underway:  

Some construction projects that could have gone ahead over the previous year have been held up due to materials shortages. Lockdowns affecting manufacturing facilities and the freight sector have led to shortages in everything from cement to timber. In addition to this, the world’s biggest container ship, the Ever Given, became lodged across the Suez Canal for 106 days last spring, exacerbating delays and materials shortages.  With supply chains now restored, the construction industry is playing catch-up.

  1. High demand for new warehouse projects:

Covid lockdowns instigated a massive surge in internet shopping which has changed the shape of our World. Many high street brands abandoned the classic shop infrastructure to refocus their businesses on online sales. This created an unprecedented demand in large scale, high capacity warehouse builds; which, in turn, created a high demand for plant and access machines. 

  1. Commercial to residential property conversions:

With an increasing number of commercial property owners seeking profitability from their empty commercial premises, more and more are turning to the residential market as an outlet. 

  1. Soaring gas prices and shortages are hindering the rent of LPG machines:

Gas-powered forklifts and other machines used to be the industry standard for working in closed environments. Diesel-powered machines can’t operate in closed spaces due to their fuel emissions. Although electric machines had already started overtaking this market, price hikes in gas and supply issues have knocked a lot of these machines out of the market, leaving clients fighting over electric models.

  1. Clean air zones and low emission zones:

Clean Air Zones are already in operation in several UK cities, and an article from July 2th 2019 already pointed to the possibility of such a zone being declared in Dublin. Although plant hire in Dublin is not currently being affected by the restrictions placed on machines that work in these zones, low emission machines are in increasing demand and this trend is likely to continue.


How does this affect your project?

Currently, construction services and plant hire in Dublin are under strain, with an article also pointing to the shortages in construction workers and machine operators as an added complication. 

The repercussions to the end client are machine waiting lists, delays and ultimately an unpalatable increase in the cost of projects.

With this in mind, if you are planning on carrying out a project that requires plant or tool hire, it’s worth investing some time in choosing the best plant hire company for you.

Professional plant hire providers don’t just rent or sell tools and equipment, they can also advise you on the most suitable machines for your job and on legal requirements and safety standards for machine use. A good service provider will also help you source machines and equipment that they don’t have in their inventory.


Companies like Drogheda Hire and Sales have a customer-centric approach to their hire services. As well as providing an ample catalogue of the most popular tool, plant and access hire products; they stock specialist products for niche markets.

Drogheda’s sales team have a deep knowledge of the company catalogue, as well as knowledge of unlisted machines available on the market. If you require a machine that’s not in Drogheda’s inventory, the sales team will source it for you.

In these complicated times, choosing the right plant hire company can transform your company in 2022, helping you successfully realise all your construction projects.


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